IMAGIMOB Studio User Interface

This section describes the user interface of IMAGIMOB Studio.

Studio Menu Bar

The Studio menu bar is a horizontal bar located at the top of the IMAGIMOB Studio window. The menu bar consists of the following menus: File, Edit, View, Tools, Cloud, Window and Help. Each menu consists of several drop-down menu items that allows you to perform certain actions on a click of a button.

Studio Toolbar

The Studio toolbar is a collection of some of the most commonly used menu items that allow you perform many actions that are also available on the menus. The toolbar is located below the menu bar. The toolbar consists of the following menu-items: New project, New file, Open file, Save, Save All, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo, Redo.

Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer is used to navigate and manage the files and directories in the workspace. You can float, dock, dock as document, auto-hide, and close solution explorer window, whenever required. Once closed, solution explorer can be re-opened from the View menu. You can also use the search field in Solution Explorer to search for files in your workspace.

Event log panel

The Event log panel displays the logs when an event occurs. The event viewer displays the following message types - Information, Warning, and Error. You can filter the error message by highlighting the Information, Warning, and Error icons respectively.

Studio Status Bar

The Studio Status is located at the bottom of the IMAGIMOB Studio window. The status bar displays the status information of an event in Studio. You cannot move or rearrange the status bar.

Imagimob Cloud

Imagimob cloud helps you to log into the cloud services to have access to jobs running in the the cloud. You can manage cloud accounts by performing actions such as adding, editing or deleting the cloud accounts.

Properties Panel

The properties panel is used to view and edit the properties of track in a session file. You can view and set different options for parameters in the properties panel to analyse the tracks easily.