Adding data to project

You can import your existing data to an empty classification project to start building the model from scratch. You can also import additional dataset to a starter project and fine tune the model as per your business scenarios.

To import the data, follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Workspace and expand the project directory in which you want to import the data.

  2. Copy the data that you want to import and paste the data in the Data folder.

  3. Open the the project file (*.improj) present in the project folder.

  1. In the Data tab, click Add Data button.

The Select import mode window appears.

  1. Click Add icon and browse to the folder you want to upload.

  1. Select the file or the folder containing the dataset.

    The Select folder structure window appears.

  1. Select the Nested structure or Flat structure radio button and click Next.

    The data import tool searches through the folders and recognize folders containing .data, .label or .mp4 files.

  1. Select or deselet what you want to import and click OK.

    The data is imported to Studio.

After you add data to the project file, a session file (.imsession) and a empty label file (.label) is automatically generated for every data file in the data directory. However, if you add a data-label file pair to the project file, the empty label file is not generated.