Release notes

This section lists the new functionality, improvements and some of the major changes related to IMAGIMOB Studio.

Release notes 4.5

New Features

Preview Tab

When executing a graph in Graph UX the resulting timeline will open in a preview tab. Executing the same graph multiple times will cause an existing preview tab to be reused to minimize the number of opened tabs. To prevent a timeline to be overwritten, click the Keep Open button on the preview tab.


  • Collect data using Graph UX and import the saved session files containing the data into classic Imagimob Studio projects
  • More stability when executing graphs in Graph UX
  • Improved timeline views
  • Less overhead when downloading the starter projects
  • Improved ML Assisted labelling (Classic Imagimob Studio projects)
    • Support the usage of models that contain custom units for ML Assisted labelling
    • Resolved issue of data track not found when the track name and track file name did not match

Release notes 4.4

New Features

Graph UX

With this release comes Graph UX which also comes with a matching project type. You will find the Graph UX in the New Project Wizard. The Graph UX gives you a range of new possibilities and features to help building better Edge AI models. To know more, refer to Graph UX.

In the first release featuring Graph UX, this new workflow supports functionality which improves Data Collection and Model Evaluation. In future releases, this new way of working will support the entire Edge AI development process for a much more unified and powerful user experience when building models.

Some examples of new features and possibilities with Graph UX:

  • Perform live data collection directly from edge devices attached through USB-serial
  • Test models live by streaming data from attached devices, or built-in PC sensors like a built-in microphone
  • Visualize data, processing and model internals/outputs on any recordings or when streaming
  • Flexible/more advanced preprocessing and post-processing
  • Combining output from multiple models (voting and other concepts)
  • Using models as pre-processors
  • Easier to add custom processing into your model

Read more about these updates and how to work in the new workflow here.

Other features

  • Custom unit wizard (easier to add custom pre/post processing and your own model layers)


  • New starter projects highlighting the new capabilities of the Graph UX
  • Improved rendering performance in the timeline or session view


  • Overall bug fixes and increased stability