Imagimob Studio Licensing Metrics and Fees

This document will be applied by Imagimob as of: 2024-03-18

1.     About this Document

1.1    This document should be read in conjunction with and as part of the Imagimob Studio Terms & Conditions (the “Agreement”).

1.2    This document is subject to changes as provided in the Agreement.

1.3    Upon entering into the Agreement Customer will be bound by the document “Imagimob Studio Licensing Metrics and Fees” in force at the time thereof. Any purchase of services and/or royalties will be subject to the Imagimob Studio Licensing Metrics and Fees document in force on the day an order here fore is received from Customer.

2.     Licensing Metrics and Service Fees

2.1    Imagimob applies the following licensing metrics and fees that Customer (“Customer” as determined in the Agreement) under the Agreement has undertaken to accept:

Description – Use of Imagimob Studio    Fee
Free servicesFull access to Imagimob Studio without technical limitations for development, evaluation and test of Edge AI models including 3000 compute minutes/month of AI training.

Support available through the Imagimob developer community.

Not allowed for going to production and commercial deployment.
Production and commercial deploymentAs above but allowed for production and commercial deploymentRoyalty-based fee on request.

2.2    Options. Imagimob offers services that will help customers go to production faster.

Description                Fee
Edge AI expertiseOur Edge AI experts can help with everything from data collection strategies, model optimization to deployment on device.On request, send email to
More computeMore compute will allow you to make more training jobsOn request, send email to
SLA, email support etcWe can offer email support with guaranteed response times and other improvements to the serviceOn request, send email to

2.3    Licensing metrics. Customers shall contact Imagimob when they want to deploy models on customer devices for production and commercial deployment.

2.4    Compute Minutes. “Compute Minutes” means the number of compute minute using the Imagimob standard CPU compute instance in the Imagimob Cloud.

3.     Payment terms

3.1    Payment of Options. Customer shall pay Imagimob for the ordered Royalties or Options through the payment method provided as from time to time detailed therein.