Adding labels

When you add data to the project file, a session file and an empty label file is automatically created for every data file in the data directory. The session file displays data file and label file as data track and label track respectively. You can add labels in the label track, whenever needed.

To add labels in the label track, follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to your project directory and open the session file (.imsession).
    Double-click the session file (.imsession) you want to open from the project.


    The session file opens in a new tab.

  2. Locate the empty label track in the session file.



You can use video as visual reference for labelling the time series data.

  1. Zoom-in or zoom-out until you see the entire event and navigate to the part you want to label.


  2. Move the cursor to the label track region, right-click and select New Label from the list of options.


    The Add New Label window appears.


  3. Configure the following parameters-

    • In Track, select the label track in which you want to add the labels.

    • In Label, enter the name of the label you want to add for that specific data part in the track.

    • In Begin, set the timestamp from where you want to start the label.

    • In Duration, set the timestamp at which you want to end the label.

    • In Confident, enter the confidence percentage for your label.

    • In Comment, enter the comment, if required.

    • Click OK.

    A label is added in the track.