This section provides information about workspace, different types of projects, and procedure to create a project in IMAGIMOB Studio. Before you create a project, let's understand about the concept of workspace and project in Studio.

A workspace is a top level directory in IMAGIMOB Studio containing one or more project directories that helps in organising and managing projects. A workspace can be created locally, when creating or downloading a project from Studio.

A project is a directory in workspace containing data, models, project file and other resources that helps in managing the assets to build, train and deploy the machine learning model. You can create an empty classification project, start from a starter project or import an existing project to Studio.

A empty classification project allows you to create a machine learning model from scratch. You can also bring your personal dataset and build, train and deploy the machine learning model in Studio as per your business scenarios.

A starter project allows you to use a machine learning model that is already trained by Imagimob for different business scenarios. You can use a starter project as a starting point and fine-tune the model as per your requirement. To know more about the starter projects, refer to Starter project.

Creating a project

You can create an empty classification project or starter project as per your requirement.

To create a project, follow the steps:

  1. Open the IMAGIMOB Studio.

  2. Click New Project in the welcome screen.
    The welcome screen appears, when you open the IMAGIMOB Studio for the first time.
    Go to File and select New Project.
    The New Project window appears.

  3. Select the project type that meets your requirement.


  • If you want to create a machine learning model from scratch or upload an existing model, select the project type as Empty Classification Project.

  • If you want to start with a pre-trained machine learning model, select the starter project that meets your business requirement. IMAGIMOB Studio provides a wide range of starter projects. To know more, refer to Starter project.

  1. In New Project Name, enter the name of the project.

  2. In Location, specify the location where you want to create the workspace and the project directory.

  3. Select Download project data checkbox to download the project data for that particular project. The project directory is downloaded to the workspace in IMAGIMOB Studio.


If you select Empty classification project as the project type, only the project directory structure is downloaded to the workspace.

  1. Click OK to create the project.

A project is created in the IMAGIMOB Studio.