# Starter Projects

# Background

A starter project contains everything you need to quickly get started with your AI project:

  • A project and data description
  • Example data
  • A trained model (.h5 Tensorflow model)
  • Example predictions from the model.
  • Converted edge code, i.e. a neural network model and preprocessor translated to C code, ready for integration into your embedded firmware.

We have added starter projects that cover a wide range of use cases and industrial applications. The projects are either of type Classification (Supervised learning) or Anomaly detection (Semi-supervised learning). You can choose among the following starter projects:

  • Classification

    • Empty Classification Project
    • Human Activity Recognition
    • Acconeer Radar Gesture
    • Texas Instruments Radar Gesture
    • Renesas Touchpad Letter Detection
    • Keyword Spotter
    • Indoor/outdoor Detector
  • Anomaly detection

    • Empty Anomaly Detection Project
    • Rotating Machinery (and similar periodic processes)

# Get Started

To launch a Starter project, click on the Cube Icon in the upper left corner and select a project from the list that appears.

Select a name and location for your project and choose whether you want to download the pre-recorded data or not.

For each of the projects, documentation can be found by double clicking the README file in the downloaded project.