# Imagimob AI 3.3

# Background

Welcome to Imagimob AI 3.3!

We proudly present a new release with new functionality, nicer look and a smoother experience.

To download and test the platform, please visit our Web Portal (opens new window) and create an account for free.

# Improvements

  • The autoML functionality has been redesigned:
    • More customizable and flexible
    • Generation of a larger variety of models
    • Models adapted to the dataset
  • For anomaly detection a larger span of different models are generated:
    • Deeper models for detection of more complex patterns in the data
    • Smaller models with less parameters to save flash memory
  • The starter projects have been improved:
    • More data
    • More accurate labelling
    • Better documentation
  • Bug fixes and increased stability.

# New features

  • Free Community Edition without the need for a license:
    • Credits are included for free. Buy more credits to be able to train more models in the cloud.
  • Enterprise Edition, read more on our website www.imagimob.com (opens new window)
  • Updated cloud view:
    • Information about your trained models, which teams you belong to and your available credits.
  • A new data redistribution tool has been added to make it easier to manage data between different datasets.