# Imagimob AI 3.2

# Background

Welcome to Imagimob AI 3.2!

We proudly present a new release packed with new functionality.

Support for quantized edge models is added to the platform, which gives a real performance boost on the smallest MCUs without an FPU.

We now support Anomaly detection and have added a Starter project that shows the functionality in action. In addition to this we have improved all our Starter projects and added new ones, e.g. the Renesas Touchpad Letter Detection.

We are really excited about this release and we hope you will like it!

# Improvements

  • On-the-fly prediction track generation with configurable confidence threshold
  • Improved randomness and fault-handling in data set shuffling
  • Model reproducibility
    • Seed used in model generation
  • Model search configurability
    • Configure search parameters in more detail including type/number of layers
  • Improved training speed for large data sets
  • Improved model evaluation speed in training service
  • Detailed training progress report
  • Banner showing when to restart to update Imagimob Studio
  • Misc improvements

# New features

  • Starter projects
    • Rotating machinery (Anomaly detection)
    • Renesas Touchpad letter detection for Renesas KT-CAP1-MATRIXPAD board (Classification)
  • Anomaly detection support using convolutional autoencoders (deep learning)
  • Quantization support (reduce memory and decrease inference time of edge models)
  • New layers/preprocessing functions

# Bugfixes

  • SD-1974 Anomaly models have problem when the preprocessor output is 30-35.
  • SD-1973 Add Project type to New Project File Menu
  • SD-1972 Using only reshape in preprocessor cause error in model training
  • SD-1970 Class can't be removed from the project file
  • SD-1969 Provide edge test data with model download
  • SD-1968 Training service cannot handle integer labels with/without quotation marks
  • SD-1965 F1 score Nan problem
  • SD-1964 Remove session with more than one label from data panel, one label is staying there.
  • SD-1951 Undeclared error when running quantized Global MaxPooling1d layer
  • SD-1950 Value type do not match. Type QDyn16 is not compatible with Float32 when running quantized TimeDistributed layer
  • SD-1936 Models could be duplicate if generating model list from a project without a seed value
  • SD-1934 Append model should be greyed out
  • SD-1933 All models are the same if the limitation count for layers are set to 1
  • SD-1923 The tooltips is not correct when the input confidence threshold value is negative
  • SD-1916 Unintuitive source track for prediction labels generation
  • SD-1886 improj file breaks when adding L2 regularization for dense layers
  • SD-1885 No module named 'tqdm'
  • SD-1884 Misleading error message
  • SD-1877 Quantization tests fail on audio project(KeywordSpotter)
  • SD-1867 Modified/Save doesn't triggered for some parameters in model properties
  • SD-1863 Class Id's not updated
  • SD-1862 Preprocessor output is not taken as inputshape to model (not always)
  • SD-1860 The error is not friendly with the unsupported quantized conv2d layer etc
  • SD-1853 Can't input decimal value with some language settings in hyper parameter field
  • SD-1824 Can't parse wave files during quantization tests
  • SD-1819 Same scale and offset (K14, K19) error
  • SD-1817 Model quantization error in test-model
  • SD-1813 Can't create expected data and bound files from wav files
  • SD-1812 Can't find file file when using project file in quantization edge test
  • SD-1792 Can't save the modified value when pressing Enter key in some dialogs
  • SD-1790 Test setting default values is not good in compare test
  • SD-1779 Data compare testing failed with 8 bit audio data
  • SD-1774 Studio crashes when inputing data file but without selecting data type
  • SD-1765 Timestamp test failed when Max timestamp difference is 0
  • SD-1760 Paths in quantization UI are relative project root and not file location
  • SD-1734 Can't parse expected output wav data during data compare testing
  • SD-1730 Failed to parse data with BOM
  • SD-1724 Studio - fix the frequency calculation in data tab
  • SD-1712 Type error: '<=' not supported between instances of 'str' and 'int'
  • SD-1700 The downloaded log from studio UI is incomplete
  • SD-1698 Add unit to model crashes after next merge
  • SD-1685 Numpy error
  • SD-1635 Generate models with same parameters no randomness
  • SD-1509 Can't pass 1D/3D data to imagifier
  • SD-1384 Job shouldn't take status message after aborted/deleted
  • SD-1350 The warning is not clear if the data contains errors generated by preprocessors
  • SD-1219 Multiple same data/audio/label tracks shouldn't be allowed to add into an imsession
  • IS-1011 Studio crashes when clicking on other area during modifying the target size
  • IS-1006 "Header" and "Timestamps" checkboxes don't work
  • IS-1003 Keyword-spotter project template has a broken preprocessor
  • IS-1000 Error message when creating a TI project
  • IS-997 Timestamp error is incorrect
  • IS-996 Error when updating model learning rate
  • IS-994 Timestamps not ignored when running Generate Data Compare Test without Timestamps API
  • IS-985 External tool rows are deleted when updating Studio
  • IS-165 The elapsed video time is not correct