# Starter Projects for the Syntiant NDP platform

Note: This functionality is currently only available in the latest pre-release version of Imagimob Studio. Request access at support@imagimob.com.

# Get Started

To launch a Starter project, click on the Cube Icon in the upper left corner and select a project from the list that appears.

Select a name and location for your project and choose whether you want to download the pre-recorded data or not.

For each of the projects, documentation can be found by double clicking the README file in the downloaded project.

# Background

The Syntiant Neural Decision Processors (NDP) allows for unprecedented inference performance for solutions that require under 1mW power consumption. This allows for intelligent processing with months of always-on life from a coin-cell battery.

Read more at Syntiant (opens new window).

Imagimob AI is fully integrated with the NDP1XX range of processors allowing for quick development and deployment into production using this hardware platform. Imagimob AI + Syntiant fully supports building models for the following use cases:

  • Sound event detection
  • Keyword spotting
  • IMU data classification
  • Sensor and machine data classification
  • Timeseries data classification

A starter project contains everything you need to quickly get started with your AI project:

  • A project and data description
  • Example data
  • A trained model (.h5 Tensorflow model)
  • Example predictions from the model.
  • Converted edge code, i.e. a neural network model and preprocessor translated to C code, ready for integration into your embedded firmware.
  • In the case of Syntiant - a .synpkg file containing the binary representation of the trained model, ready for HW deployment