# Collect data from any sensor/hardware

# Data collection from any sensor or hardware board

# Imagimob Capture Server

Use the Imagimob Capture Server to collect data from any sensor- or microcontroller-board with a serial connection.

Read about and download Imagimob Capture Server here: https://bitbucket.org/imagimob/captureserver/src/master/ (opens new window)

The repository contains ready-to-use examples for different sensor boards, for example:

  • Acconeer XB112 radar development board
  • Acconeer XB122 radar development board

# Data collection over bluetooth

# Supported sensors/boards

  • Bosch BMI160 Accelerometer/Gyro sensor - Read more - Contact us to get a sensor

# Custom data collection

Do you already have a solution for collecting the data that you want? Just convert your data to our open, standardized .csv format.

# Data collection over HTTP(S) for Internet connected devices

To be supported.